Friday, June 29, 2018

Sometimes you make a mistake

Before I begin, I must apologize for the long post today sans cute pictures and quilts.  Thanks for reading.

Back in the spring, I posted here and here about going back to work in the world of nursing after taking a much needed year off from the bedside.  I shared that I was burnt out, had a bad experience with a manager who treated her nurses as just counts to fill a shift and was living in a new city without the support of close friends(more on that later).  It was a wonder that I didn't convince my husband to pack up and move back to our old home.  Over the course of our first two years, I joined the Junior League, reached out to old friends and college acquaintances, left the bedside, became one of Richmond's most popular babysitter, found the perfect part time job, set up my sewing room and started to live.
Here's where the story gets sticky.  I was ready to go back to the bedside and with the recommendation of a friend applied for and got a job at the dream NICU that I always wanted here in Richmond.  I loved the job, my new coworkers, I got to work with some old coworkers, had my career all planned out(yup-RNC, grad school, magnet ladder-the whole works) when one phone call changed everything.

Back when I applied for my dream hospital position, I also applied for a school nurse educator position.  I very much wanted this position-not only was it a nursing position, but I would be teaching-something I delighted in when I was at the bedside.  I went on an interview, had a follow-up interview and shadow day and didn't hear anything.  I figured with the amount of people interviewing for the job, someone more talented and experienced got the job and I put the job out of my mind.  However, I did received a phone call not long ago with the exact words I wanted to hear "We want to hire you."  Except they were about 6 weeks to late.  I had already started in my dream NICU.

As luck would have it, my dad was visiting us, so my husband, father, bonus mom and I hashed it out.  We played out different scenarios, options, name it.  Ultimately, I(we) decided that the best option was to try and switch to less hours in my NICU and teach.  It was just not feasible to work nights and teach during the day.  No matter how I laid out the week, I couldn't make it work. And if I wasn't able to switch to less hours, than I needed to do the right thing and resign.

Bright and early this past Tuesday morning, I marched into my managers office with the hope and prayer that I could do both jobs.  It turns out there is a long waiting list for less hours in our unit and I'm not a special snowflake who deserves to cut the line(I completely agree).  With that in mind, I bravely turned in my letter of resignation.

To say I'm embarrassed is an understatement.  I'm mortified that I wasted everyone's time because I really was 100% invested in this NICU.  I also feel bad being giddy about switching gears in nursing: planning lessons, figuring out healthy lunch options, planning cute teacher outfits(after 15 years of scrubs-I'm totally planning OOTD).  I still have career goals that can be accomplished outside the hospital-most of which I will still be able to work on.

Here's where I need your help.

Teachers, what are your best suggestions for a first year teacher?  I will not have a classroom(I will be teaching at every middle and high school in the county) and therefore have to be concise in what I will be carrying.  I also have all of my lessons planned out(per county policy), but do have the ability to make them my own.  I was going to add music and update the powerpoints, but as for anything else, I'm at a loss.  In addition, I've never worked a M-F job, so I have no idea how to plan my week-help!!!

I really do welcome any suggestions you might have.

-until next time

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Book and Author

Welcome to MissErinCrafts!  I'm so glad that you followed the above ad from Book and Author to my quilting corner.

Take a look around and ask any questions that you may have.  I have some very helpful tabs at the top of this blog as well as some that are a work in progress (such as the DIY and local info-still finishing up posts).

Thank you for stopping by!

-until next time

Friday, May 4, 2018

Finish up Friday: Jude's quilt

I am so excited to show you today's quilt.  It's a baby quilt for baby #3 of a friend and this is her third quilt from me.  And she was so gracious in sending me some great photos of Jude with his new quilt, so scroll down and take a peek.

Here are some details: I used a charm pack of Bonnie and Camille's Basics and used every color(every baby needs the entire rainbow in my opinion!).  For the back and border, I used a grey and white print from my stash and of which I need to go relook for the salvage to share where it's from.

Since I had already made two quilts for this family, I tried to keep the design and quilting the same.  I realize that is probably going over board, but I don't ever want one child to think that they got a better quilt than someone else.  I'm clearly going to be a great mom!

I'm going to let the photos do the talking especially since there is a cute baby in them!


-until next time

Friday, April 6, 2018

March fabric report

March has been by far my slowest month this year.  I've had a lot of non sewing relating projects I've been working on, so unfortunately, I've been doing little sewing.  I did however, get a baby quilt done.

As well as two other baby quilt tops:

I still have all the backs ready to go for my bigger quilts and I'm sure that will be a big dent in April when I finish those.  But for now, here is my fabric usage for the month of March.

Purchased fabric: 2 charm packs

Picked up: 6 elfa drawers of fabric from my parents house.  
*side note-I forgot that I had these drawer sets at my parents house, so I took them back when I visited for Easter.  There are various projects and yardage that I haven't gone through.  I'm not sure I'm even going to count it in my total since I always have had this fabric, it was just forgotten.

Used: approx 4 yards fabric for the three baby quilts, one backing and binding.  I just used the lay the quilt out and measure method since these were scraps pieced together.

In- 1 1/2 yards
Out- 4 yards

Year to date: 
In- 11 Yards
Out- 53 Yards

-until next time

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

{WHW}: Scrappy animals

I'm linking up again with Jen and Jessie for this weeks What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!

I showed the top of this adorable baby quilt a week or so ago on the blog and quilted and bound it on the recent snow day this past week.

The blocks are not quite a triangle and to be honest, I'm not sure of the official quilt name as mine are labeled big and little cat.  All of the prints were quarter or so yards of leftovers found in grab bags at the pop up shop at Stash Bash and I think they play well with each other.  The backing is just yardage I had in my stash as well as the binding.

My only complaint with this quilt, is the slight puckering I see with the quilting.  I used a different batting than I normally do and so I'm blaming my lack of experience with the batting rather than the batting itself.  I have some leftover, so I'm planning on having a go again with it before I stop using this brand.  It was a lower loft than I'm used to, so I might need to make adjustments in my basting and whatnot.

I'm sending this to a good girlfriend of mine and her sweet new baby.  She loved it when I showed her photos and she doesn't care about the puckers, so it's a win in both books.  I'm excited to see Mr. Ethan rolling around on his new quilt!

-until next tim