Friday, April 6, 2018

March fabric report

March has been by far my slowest month this year.  I've had a lot of non sewing relating projects I've been working on, so unfortunately, I've been doing little sewing.  I did however, get a baby quilt done.

As well as two other baby quilt tops:

I still have all the backs ready to go for my bigger quilts and I'm sure that will be a big dent in April when I finish those.  But for now, here is my fabric usage for the month of March.

Purchased fabric: 2 charm packs

Picked up: 6 elfa drawers of fabric from my parents house.  
*side note-I forgot that I had these drawer sets at my parents house, so I took them back when I visited for Easter.  There are various projects and yardage that I haven't gone through.  I'm not sure I'm even going to count it in my total since I always have had this fabric, it was just forgotten.

Used: approx 4 yards fabric for the three baby quilts, one backing and binding.  I just used the lay the quilt out and measure method since these were scraps pieced together.

In- 1 1/2 yards
Out- 4 yards

Year to date: 
In- 11 Yards
Out- 53 Yards

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

{WHW}: Scrappy animals

I'm linking up again with Jen and Jessie for this weeks What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!

I showed the top of this adorable baby quilt a week or so ago on the blog and quilted and bound it on the recent snow day this past week.

The blocks are not quite a triangle and to be honest, I'm not sure of the official quilt name as mine are labeled big and little cat.  All of the prints were quarter or so yards of leftovers found in grab bags at the pop up shop at Stash Bash and I think they play well with each other.  The backing is just yardage I had in my stash as well as the binding.

My only complaint with this quilt, is the slight puckering I see with the quilting.  I used a different batting than I normally do and so I'm blaming my lack of experience with the batting rather than the batting itself.  I have some leftover, so I'm planning on having a go again with it before I stop using this brand.  It was a lower loft than I'm used to, so I might need to make adjustments in my basting and whatnot.

I'm sending this to a good girlfriend of mine and her sweet new baby.  She loved it when I showed her photos and she doesn't care about the puckers, so it's a win in both books.  I'm excited to see Mr. Ethan rolling around on his new quilt!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend recap

Before I start my weekend recap, I want to plug a good friend of mine, Karie.  This is not a paid ad-but it is all about how I've already finished my Christmas shopping(except for the guys) and Karie can help-read on!!

I first met Karie at StashBash about 5 or 6 years ago and we've remained friends ever since.  She's given great advice, is always a text away and an amazing quilter and seamstress.  Every once in a while she does an IG sale(here's the link to her IG: twokwuikquilters and here's the link to her blog: Karie) of pouches, bags, mini's, etc.  This past week she opened a sale for her pouches and I ordered enough for all the ladies in my immediate family and then pestered her with questions.

Yes, she is taking orders.  If you go to her IG page(link about) and comment or DM her, she will work with you on a custom order.  Which is HUGE.  Most designers don't have time to go to this level of detail, but Karie is doing that for this pop up sale.  I don't get any kickback or freebies for sharing, just wanted to share about these great gifts or presents for yourself!


Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This past week I was campaigning with the Junior League of Richmond and our little black dress initiative trying to raise money to purchase and EnviraGrow mobile learning unit for a local school. I need to double check our stats after all the checks get counted, but I believe we made our goal of $35,000

Saturday, I finished the week at a local store, Tweed, and picked up the a couple Scout bags in the Richmond specific print.  The store was giving a percentage of their proceeds to our fundraiser, so of course, I had to go shopping!  Scout made this print specifically for the store and about our area-which I love!

After a quick run into Trader Joe's, we headed home for a relaxing afternoon with our pups.

We've been watching the first season of Altered Carbon on Netflix and just caught up.  I'm not sure when the second season will be out.  I am planning on getting the books from the library.

A friend of mine also told me about another netflix show: The 100, which was previously on tv.  We started that when we finished season 1 of Altered Carbon.

We were supposed to go to Williamsburg Sunday morning, but a chilly forecast and a very late night watching sci-fi shows forced us to table our little day trip and sleep in with the pups.  We did tackle some yard work; cutting down some overgrown azaleas and some side yard overgrowth.  I'm thrilled with this little yard project because the entire yard, front, side and back, were overgrown when we moved in and they needed to be tamed.

Thanks for visiting!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Five on Friday: week 12 of 2018

Welcome back to another fun week of Five on Friday; thank you for stopping by.

I got the NICU job I posted about in this Five on Friday!!  I start my orientation at the end of April and can't wait to get back into the NICU and on my way toward my certifications I've been studying for as well as back to caring for the tiniest patients.  I'm still going to hold onto my little part time marketing job and babysit for my regular families, but for now, I'm excited to get back to "grown up" work!

I finished a baby quilt for my girlfriend on our snow day this week.  I'll post more photos and info next week about this little quilt.

If you follow me on IG or FB you've been seeing my daily posts about the Little Black Dress Initiative my Junior League is doing.  We are raising money to purchase an EnviraGrow Mobile Learning Center.  I included a little blurb about the learning center below.  If you feel compelled to help, I'm also including my direct link to my donation page.  I'm very excited to be able to raise funds going right back into the community instead of toward administrative costs or over head.

EnviraGrow Mobile Learning Center: The funds raised from this campaign will go directly to purchase an EviraGrow Mobile Learning Center that will be placed at one of our community partners in the East End of Richmond. The EviraGrow Center will provide workforce development, help reduce the food desert within that community, offset grocery costs for our community partner, and provide a platform to teach about health and nutrition.


I've got quite a few quilts(like 5 or six!) ready to go on the longarm and just need to find the time to quilt them.  I'm looking forward to spring break in a couple weeks for a few days off to just sew.

We had a snow day this past Wednesday and I'm hoping that's the last for this season.  I'm ready for spring and summer!!!  I'm a huge fan of all four seasons, but I think I'm finally ready to move forward.

Thank you for stopping by!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I figured for today's What's Happening Wednesday I'd show my current WIP (works in progress) ready to be long armed or machine quilted.  I realized what works best for me is not just having the tops of quilts ironed and ready to go, but also to have the backings ready(whether pieced or just one solid piece of fabric).  So, here is five quilts ready to go.  You'll probably see them alot here as I work through each quilt.

First: the baby boy quilts from yesterday's post.  After hemming and hawing, I decided to make them into two different quilts and already have the backing pulled and cut; ready to add batting and quilt!

Second: This Amy Butler charm quilt.  I added a cream border and some more of the Kaffe dots as a second border.  I am using a large scale Amy Butler print on the back.  It is also ready to be quilted.  

I'm thinking of hanging this quilt in my sewing room on my larger quilt rack.  The prints would compliment the teal walls.  I'll see how it looks after I longarm this quilt.

Third: I participated in a log cabin swap in Jan 2017.  I knew I wanted enough blocks to make a bed quilt, so I purchased extra jelly rolls and made enough blocks to have a king and twin sized quilt.

Below is the twin with borders added; I added a green geo shape, orange circle/dots and blue fireworks prints.  I'll be sure to photograph a close up when the quilt is done.  Those borders are pretty cool and help tie all the colors together.

I finished the backing to the quilt yesterday and it is also ready to go on the longarm.

 Fourth: I started making this quilt during a snowstorm here(Dec 2017/Jan 2018).  I used the cake mix recipe for layer cakes and ended up making block 3.  I do have some extra papers left over, so I'm thinking of making another with the block 1 style.

Each block went together rather quickly; it's the paper piecing that's a pain.  I ended up finishing this quilt top at my quilt retreat in Tybee.  After debating, I decided I'm going to add a couple borders and pulled fabric for that.  I'm still auditioning fabrics for the back, but since it is the back and there are so many colors, I don't really have to think to hard.  It will look fine with whatever I put on the back.

Fifth: My last quilt for today is another finish from my quilt retreat at Tybee.  This was a quilt kit that my mom started and I finished(so at least 5 years in the making).  I finished it and plan on gifting it to my youngest nephew as a grandma quilt(a quilt my mom had a part in making since she wasn't able to make one herself).  My oldest nephew has a grandma quilt as well.

I took all of the scraps from this kit and pieced them into a backing because I really wanted my nephew to have everything from this project that my mom once touched.  My sister seems to think that Isaac will love it and I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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